With just a week left before your big day, you must have a lot on your mind that you still need to check off. But let us to introduce you to your not to do list. So Listen up brides, because there are things to avoid the week before your wedding to make sure that you be your very best on the big day. Luckily we are here to help you on that.

The week before your wedding is time to take care of every last-minute details. You will take out your nail polish, because you’ll find yourself getting a manicure a day or two before “MANDHA”. You will not forget to count the final number of your guests. But what about the things to avoid the week before your wedding?

For starters, we know you are doing all you can for your skin in the months leading up to your wedding. But you shouldn’t make any changes to your skincare routine in the last days before your big day, in case of a negative reaction. And the photo you were dreaming of might not stay as good as it should!

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Ready for your list of don’ts? From unimportant skin treatments to all-night movie marathons, here are 6 things to avoid before your wedding at all costs.

1. New Hair Color: “Even if your hair-colorist is the absolute best, you must avoid making changes to your hair within a week of your wedding,”. “There is no way to know how the color will oxidize or how it will look with your skin tone.” If you want to refresh your hair without any problems, ask your colorist to put a clear gloss on your strands. “This will make them shine more. But if you got mixed up with some bad color, you won’t do much harm to your hair by getting it recolored right away if there weren’t any high levels of bleach used.

2. Drastic Haircuts: “Wedding trials start few months before the actual day, and you should keep the same hairstyle throughout.”Not only will the style of your hair change if you get it changed, but something drastic may not look right with your dress or wedding day jewellery.”  No matter how you plan ahead there will always be something left to the last minute, and hair should not be one of them. The closer you are to your marriage, the more stressed and emotional you’ll be. You want to make all of these decisions while you’re clearheaded and calm.”

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3. Alcohol: Alcohol carries a ton of calories, so you may want to stop even earlier than the week before your wedding. As for immediate effects, alcohol make you look and feel puffy and weaken your digestive system. On addition, alcohol dilates your blood vessels, it lead to wedding picture-compromising redness. You may not look like yourself in pictures.

4. A New Workout: “Stick to what you’ve been doing,”. “Now is not the time for starting sometime new.” muscles can take weeks to heal and you must not want to be too sore to get down on the dance floor. If you want to lose weight, start a new fitness plan well before your dress fittings. And if you’re only looking for a way to relieve wedding stress, grab a friend for a quick walk or run in the park.

5. Changing Up Your Makeup: “Sometimes brides panic at the end that they’ve got too much or too little makeup on,” “That’s why at the trial when you are in rational state of mind, try out different looks.” In the end, trust in your artist, who took everything into consideration when designing your look. “Modern bridal makeup is like red carpet makeup,” “It needs to look good on HD video cameras, professional cameras, personal camera phones.

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How do you make sure perfect skin for your wedding day makeup? “Water, water, water! Sleep, sleep, sleep!”

6. All-Nighters: Up all night? Find a dutiful friend to help you and get some sleep! Sleep can actually affect your immune system. “You will get a viral infection if you haven’t been sleeping enough,”. Getting enough shut-eye also improves your skin complexion, get rid of dark circles, and it makes you a happier, calmer bride.

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