It is easy for a couple to slide from wedding planning into wedding madness. Inspiration and ideas abound; what couples need is a clear mind to assess this information and sort the useful from the disastrous.

Decorations live firmly in the world of logistical reality, no matter how pretty they are. What can you afford? What can you transport? What will look good in your space? That’s why when you start planning, it’s time to go into your venue,


To further root yourself in reality, start with decoration restrictions. Common restrictions include open flames, attaching things to the wall, and moving the tables. Ruling those ideas concerning them will narrow down your options.

Next, think about the month and time of your wedding. A million tea lights is a kick-ass decor idea (if you’re allowed open flames), but it’s pointless if your wedding is at noon.

The Ugly Space Problem

If, like many people in recent history, you are getting married in the social hall, or a local community center, or your local veterans’ hall, you will face some of the “big ugly space” problem. If you’re planning a wedding in one of these big rooms, the decoration inspiration from the Internet can’t help you in any way.

Wedding Venues

Social halls come with their own, very specific set of decorating policies. There tend to be nothing much to highlight. Additionally, they are normally big with terrifically high ceilings and are big enough to fit whole communities. This means you have a scale problem with your decorations from the start. A small centerpiece is going to feel even tinier in a big space. You might not want that.

That is what it is. If you are getting married in a community hall, your wedding venue will not look like the weddings you see in trendy urban lofts, or sunny gardens, or even raw industrial spaces. It’s going to look like a wedding in a hall. So don’t even bother trying to work against your space. You can’t turn it into a mansion, no matter how hard you try. Your goal is to make it look festive. The one clear advantage is that these halls are pretty blank slates, so you can go to a lot of places with decorations.

You need to decide early on what you can want and what you don’t. It’s okay to decide to pay for an upgrade here or there (or everywhere, or nowhere) if that’s going to work for you.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor Spaces

The good news about outdoor wedding venue is that they’re pretty on their own. If you’re getting married outside, feel free to put some chairs down (at least for the older or less healthy folks) and then just get married already.

But if you want to do some decorations, focus on ways to frame your space. You can use any decoration at outdoor weddings since there is a lot of space which you can manage.

Low-Light Spaces

If your venue has particularly low light. Check if you’ll need additional lighting for basic safety and functionality. If you’re aware that light may be an issue, try to see your venue under conditions similar to your wedding and assess what’s needed. If the venue has a staff, talk to them. They’ve solved lighting problems many times and can give you advice on what works and what doesn’t. Consider using light-colored decor. And finally warn your Wedding photographer in Delhi that light conditions will not be ideal, so that can be planned for.

Venues Where You Can’t Attach Things to the Walls

Wedding Venues Decoration

It’s common for wedding venues to have limitations on what you can do to walls. If your venue has these limitations, you’ll need to work around for any decor you use. Balloons and tall centerpieces are always a great choice. Besides, you can make a simple PVC backdrop frame or buy a seamless backdrop frame used in photography. A frame will let you hang a backdrop or two without even touching the walls.


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