Pre-Wedding shows the life of couples who are waiting to be the one.

Pre Wedding is the best way to create chemistry between the wedding couple.
Pre Wedding Photography in Delhi is not about holding hands together and looking into each others eyes, Neither it is about spending time together before marriage, It is about you and the way you choose to live your new life with your love.


Earlier couples generally meet on their wedding day and so, but today time has been changed along with wedding trends too.
Now couples are more curious about their wedding, pre wedding photographs and wants somethings special with our unique, cinematography ,videography and photography. And a best Pre-Wedding Photographer is one who first meet with the couples, understands their needs and make them comfort to each other in front of the camera for the perfect Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

Its Photographer responsibility to create chemistry between couple during pre wedding photoshoot , so that couple can be friendly in front of camera before wedding. Which is beneficial for couple and the photographer. All these moments which is created, makes a Pre wedding shoot both beautiful and unique for the couples.

Theme Based Pre Wedding

Back to childhood

What do you think of returning to your earliest childhood thanks to a fun pre-wedding at the amusement park? The charm of the classic merry-go-round, with its bright colors, the traditional Ferris wheel, and a dreamy atmosphere ... No place will be more successful to offer a pre wedding full of magic.

A vintage pre-date

Do you dream of holding a thematic link? Maybe you want to dress your "yes, I want" vintage ... and it would not be for less. The 20s and 50s have conquered younger hearts, and there are many couples who bet on vintage wedding dresses and costumes full of originality. Is it your case? Transfer your passion for the fashions of yesteryear to the pre-wedding session.

Full color!

Do you know the Holi parties? Although its origin comes from India, nowadays this festival is known all over the world. And also in the bridal sector! These festivities are characterized by the launching of powders that, by wearing the clothes in light colors, resulting in a fantastic and colorful scenario. What do you think about transferring it to your pre-wedding session? Have a great time with the Holi powders, enjoy throwing them as if you were at a party and get some fantastic images. There will be no laughter, colors or, of course, much love in the final result.

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