We all meet someone special in our life. You do everything to make them happy. Just a smile of them is worth everything. They are the angel, and for angels not everything is good enough. So here are some classic old school gestures to make those angels feel the heaven.

Classic, old-school gestures-

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1. For couples who loves a favourite sport, there is nothing better place to propose than the sports stadium itself? For a grander feel, propose during a match (or half times). It will be magnificent if your friends are there to cheer you.

2. For couples who get to spend personal time during breakfasts and dinners.

Breakfast is ideally the best time to propose, you’re making your partner’s day, and life. You could surprise your partner with a breakfast in bed. Write the question at the bottom of a cup, fill it with coffee, and let your partner reach the end of the breakfast. Or you could use sauce as ink on bread, it is yet another easy way.

Dinner proposals are better when grander. Go for a nice, cozy dinner, preferably at a rooftop cafe or restaurant or your favorite place. Coordinate with the staff earlier, so they can help you in hiding the ring in a wine glass, or someplace else.

3. Involve family and/or friends in a well-decorated set up. To keep the proposal pressure free and personal, let the close ones hide somewhere at the venue until you hear a “YES”. Let them scream “SURPRISE” and be a part of the celebration.

4. Take your partner out on their birthday to a ‘romantic destination’ and propose there. it will be something more than special with birthday on.

5. If you’re a good singer, sing a proposal song to her over hot coffee or a glass of your favorite wine. Rainy weather could give a boost to feelings.

If your partner has a soft space for paintings and sketches, hire a professional to sketch you proposing to your partner. Or you can make a portrait of you partner to show your emotions.

If you’re a writer, there’s no better way to propose than by writing something thoughtful for your partner. If your partner is a writer, she would appreciate you taking a step towards penning down your thoughts. You can refer to love poems and recite them to your partner under beautiful, warm lights. You can write you story with a question “will you marry me?”

6. The Holiday seasons add a much needed blessing element to the proposal. New Year’s or Christmas or any festival you love to celebrate to gather, if you want to seal the deal before year end or during Pooja celebration in front of a deity you believe in.

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